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Debit Cards

  • Debit cards these days are convenient to use just about anywhere. Your American Savings Bank a location of Readlyn Savings Bank ShazamChek debit card can be used for a variety of purchases, getting cash at ATMs or “cash-back” at retailers.

    Debit cards do make life easier. Unfortunately, debit cards also make life easier for criminals. In particular, one must be careful when using debit cards online. In fact, many industry experts suggest consumers use credit cards online not debit cards.

    At American Savings Bank a location of Readlyn Savings Bank we are very serious about taking care of your money. That’s why we protect our debit card customers with Shazam’s Falcon R.A.D.A.R.- 24-hour fraud monitoring service. If your card number is compromised (stolen, security breach, phishing, skimmer device, etc.) criminals can create a fake duplicate card. “Falcon” recognizes possible fraudulent use – a purchase in Timbuktu? – and sends a Fraud Alert to the bank and the cardholder. If the purchase is verified the card stays open, if the purchase is not verified a “hot card” is issued to cancel the card and avoid further fraud. So, for this reason, it is crucial that our debit card holders provide us with their contact information and notify us of any changes. Also, please notify us of any travel plans that may trigger a “false positive” fraud alert and cause an inconvenience.

    For more information on ShazamChek Debit Cards and Falcon, please visit Shazam’s website. You can also complete our Debit Card Application Form if you are interested in obtaining a debit card.

    If you experience any trouble with your debit card, please contact ASB at 319-882-4279 or you may also contact Shazam at 800-383-8000. Thank you.

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